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Website Setup
  1. What do I need to name my home page?
    index.html or index.htm.

    Make sure that you load your files into your public directory. When you FTP or access the site through your shell account you need to go up two directories to get to the public web folder. With FTP you can set the initial remote directory as ../../web.

  2. How do I transfer files to and from the server?
    You can use an FTP application for this.
  3. Do you have any information or resources for new webmasters who are building their site?
    Yes, check out our Web Design Resources page.
  4. Where can I view my website statistics (log file report)?
    http://yourdomain.com/stats/ (replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual domain)

    This is a program called http-analyze 2.2. It provides a wealth of information about who has visited your site by day, hour, country, etc. You can also find out who's linking to your site, what type of browser visitors are using and much more. This is included for free with all our hosting plans, but we do not provide any support for it. For help on interpreting the results, check out: http://www.netstore.de/Supply/http-analyze/results.html

    -- OR --

    In your site admin, under "web usage". Web usage reports can be generated daily or weekly (the default it set to weekly). To change this setting, go to the settings area of your control panel.

  5. Can I delete the /stats directory?
    The /stats directory is automatically created for each site on the server by http-analyze, the stats program that we have running on the server. The directory is owned by root and cannot be deleted and even if it were it would be re-created again by http-analyze when it runs the next time. There is no way for us to turn of the stats program for just one site on the server. If you are concerned about public access to that directory, we can be password protect it for you.
  6. Do I have access to my raw log files?
    Yes, in your site admin, under web usage there is a button for downloading your log files or you can download them through FTP.

    You can download your log files to your local machine to view log information or use with an external log analyzer.

  7. How often are log files rotated?
    The log files are rotated when they reach 10% of the total space allocated for your hosting account. If you are on the Viet Internet 100 (100MB) plan then your log files will rotate at 10MB. That means that once a maximum of 10Mb worth of data accumulates in your log file, it is automatically archived as a file named web.log.gz. When the next round of rotation starts, the current web.log.gz will be replaced by a new one with the most recent log file data. At that point a new web.log file will be created and start collecting new access information.

    If you are on the Viet Internet 100 plan and your site has high amount of traffic which is causing your log file to rotate often, you might consider upgrading your account to the Viet Internet 250 plan. That way your log file will rotate at 25MB instead of 10MB (10% of the total allocated space).

    If you are interested in saving all your log file info over time, here are a couple things you could to do:

    • Periodically save a copy of the files in your /stats directory, that way you'll be able to access your log file reports locally.
    • Download your archived log file periodically before it is deleted from the server at the next log file rotation. Then you will be able to view log information or run log analysis locally.

    The reason the log file is rotated is that if they were allowed to grow indefinitely, they would eventually fill up all the free space allocated to your site and then eventually all the free space on the server.

  8. Are there any other alternatives means for traffic analysis of my site instead of relying on the log file?
    Yes, there are some good free traffic analysis services such as:


    WebTrends Live

    Both require that you place an image somewhere on your site and then visit their sites for your web traffic statistics.

  9. How can I check disk (storage) quotas for my site and users?
    1. Log in to your site admin.
    2. Go to the "site usage" area.
    3. Click the "disk" (small menu at top).
    4. Now you can see the available space for your overall site as well as each individual user.
  10. How do I password protect a directory or file?
    1. Login to your shell account on the server and cd (change directories) to the directory that you want to password protect or the directory that contains the file that you want to protect.
    2. create and .htaccess file in that directory with the following lines:

      # Access file
      order allow,deny
      allow from all
      require valid-user
      Authname DirectoryName
      AuthPAM_Enabled off
      Authtype Basic
      AuthUserFile /home/sites/www.yourdomain.com/web/directory/.htpasswd

      Change the AuthUserFile line (the one in yellow) path to absolute path to the directory you want to password protect. It's the same directory that you should have uploaded your .htaccess file.

    3. Type the following command to create the file and add a user (replace "username" with the username you want to create):

      /usr/sbin/htpasswd -c .htpasswd username

      or if you signed up for hosting before 12/22/99, use:

      /usr/bin/htpasswd -c .htpasswd username

      You will be prompted you twice of the password. [note: when adding additional users removed the -c from the command line]

  11. How can I create a custom 404 error page?
    1. Create your custom 404 page, name it 404.html and upload it to your home directory.
    2. Login to your shell account and in the public directory create a file called .htaccess (unless you aready have one). If you don't have shell access and need help creating the .htaccess file, just let us know.
    3. Edit the .htaccess file and add the following line using your domain name in place of yourdomain.com:

      ErrorDocument 404 http://www.yourdomain.com/404.html

    4. Save you changes to the .htaccess file and that is it. The same thing can be done for other custom error messages such as 500, etc.
  12. Can I setup special mime types to be used for my site?
    Yes, you can do that with an .htaccess file. Here's how it is done:
    1. Login to your shell account and in the public directory create a file called .htaccess (unless you aready have one). If you don't have shell access and need help creating the .htaccess file, just let us know.
    2. Edit the .htaccess file and add a line in the following format for each mime type:

      AddType application/x-javascript js

      Replace the mime type information with the specific mime type that you want to setup.

    3. Save you changes to the .htaccess file and that is it.
  13. How do set the site's or a folder's default file to something other than index.html, index.htm, home.html or home.htm?
    Create an .htaccess file (if you do not already have one) in your public directory add the following line:

    DirectoryIndex filename.html

    [change filename.html to the file name that you want to use as the default]

  14. I really want to use a graphical counter for my site and I don't have much experience with cgi or perl scripts, do you have any suggestions?
    Try The Ultimate Counter, it pretty easy to install and offers a wide variety of counter art numbers. It's free with their advertising or $10 for no advertising at all.
  15. I accidentally deleted a file from my site, are you able to restore it from the backups?
    We do not offer that service. Our backups are primarily for restoring a server in the event the data is lost due to a crash. It's always a good idea keep a copy of your site locally to prevent situations like this.

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