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Streaming Media

General Streaming
  1. Do you support Real Audio/Real Video or other types of streaming media?
    We are not running a separate media server for multiple, simultaneous streaming media, but you are able to do single streams via http. Here some articles on how to stream media using http streams without them being served from a true media server:

    Real Media
    HTTP Streaming

    Playing Clips from a Web Server

    The WebDeveloper.com Secret Guide to RealAudio

    Windows Media Player
    Adding Streaming Media to Your Web Site with Windows Media Technologies

    Fast Start Movies

  2. What do you recommend if I need high-volume media streaming or the ability to have multiple, simultaneous streams from the same file?
    You might consider offloading your media files to an outside media server or commercial media hosting service and then just link to your files from you site on our server. Several of our customers have used PlayStream for this kind of service.

  3. Can offer media files to be downloaded then played locally?
    Yes. This is the common approach for large files such as QuickTime movies and MP3 music. Of course it's important to make sure that you are not violating any artist's copyrights.

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