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Site Admin
  1. How do I access the site admin for my domain?
    Go to http://www.yourdomain.com/siteadmin/ and enter your username and password.
  2. What can I configure using my site admin?
  3. How do I create a new user using my site admin?
    1. Log in to your site admin.
    2. Go to the "user management" area. Select "add user" to create a new user account.
    3. Input the user's display name.
    4. Create a unique username for the new user. The user name needs to be lowercase only and less than 12 alphanumeric characters. Periods [ . ], underscores [ _ ] and hyphens [ - ] are allowed. If the username you choose is already used by the system, you'll need to select a new one. For instance if you want the address info@ to work but the user "info" is already taken then create user "info1" or some other number and then give that user the alias info@.
    5. Select a password for the new user and enter it twice. The password will be used if you give your user POP3 email access, shell access or FTP access (siteadmin).
    6. Enter the aliases that you want to create for that user.
    7. If everything is how you want it, hit "confirm new user" or "cancel" if you want to start over.
    8. Once the user has been created, select the "modify email" (envelope icon) for that user and enter the an address where the email should forward. If you do not give a forwarding address then the account becomes a POP3 email account by default.
    9. Select the "Save Changes" button when you are finished or "Back To User List" to abort your changes.
  4. How do change a user's password using my site admin?
    1. Log in to your site admin.
    2. Go to the "user management" area. Select the user who's password you want to change.
    3. Select the "modify" (pencil icon) for the user that you want to update.
    4. Select a new password and enter it twice.
    5. Select the "Confirm Modify" button. This user's password will now be changed for POP3 email access (if enabled), shell access (if enabled) and FTP access (if they are a siteadmin).
  5. What are the requirements for user passwords and what can I do to make them difficult to crack?
    Passwords should be 5-12 characters in length. The most secure type of password includes a combination of upper and lower case letters, along with numbers and symbols. For instance,
    A$f8T#3!w would be a very difficult password to crack, even with a brute force attack from a very determined hacker.

    Try to avoid using common words in English or other languages, as well as obvious things like your name, relatives names and other words that might be easily guessed/cracked by an unauthorized user. Here are examples of bad passwords:

    • any person's name including yourself, partner, children, relatives, friends, etc.
    • your birthday
    • your Social Security Number, telephone number, address, etc.
    • words or combinations of words from a dictionary, English or any other language
    • numeric sequences, ie. "1234"
    • words spelled backwards

    Finally, never under any circumstance make the password the same as your username or use a password like admin, test, guest, etc.

  6. When I try to create a user, the system keeps responding with "user already exists"?
    It's possible that you are trying to create a username that already exists on the server. On a Unix system, each username has to be unique, but that user name can be aliased to whatever you want. This commonly happens with the username "info" since many sites want a user that receives email to info@. If you wanted to create the address info@yourdomain.com, you should create a unique username, like "info5" and then give it the alias "info". This is the common work-around for this issue.
  7. When I try to access my site admin, my browser responds that it cannot find the page. I can access the domain, FTP and shell normally, but not the site admin. What might be causing this?
    If you are behind a firewall, it may be preventing you from accessing the site admin which is located on the server's port 81. The port assignment of the site admin tool is integrated into the OS of the Cobalt Raq server (the servers we use for hosting) and it assigned to 81 for security purposes since many of the site admin functions must be executed as "root". If you wish to use your site admin from behind the firewall, you'll need to enable access to port 81.

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