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Domain Information

  1. What is a virtual domain?
    A Virtual Domain allows you to have your own domain name (http://www.yourname.com or http://yourname.com) as well as your own email addresses, ie. you@yourdomain.com, etc.
  2. How can I find out if a domain name that I want is available?
    You can use this form to search for the availability of a domain:
    Check Domain Availability

  3. Can I park my domain(s) with Viet Internet?
    Yes, Viet Internet can park or reserve domain for you. For more information please enter "Domain Reservation".

  4. Does it cost extra to transfer my domain from another hosting company to Viet Internet?
    No, we do not charge anything for you to transfer a domain to our hosting service.

    In order to transfer your domain to Viet Internet you'll need to modify your domain record to reflect our name servers:

    Primary DNS:


    Secondary DNS:


  5. Do I have to purchase a domain name in order to host a website with Viet Internet?
    Not at all. Viet Internet offers non-virtual hosting, ie. 
    Example: http://www.thangmo.com/thienhy/

    This way you can avoid the cost of registering your own domain, but still enjoy all the features of our hosting plans.

  6. Can I host a sub-domain (name.yourdomain.com) at Viet Internet?
    Yes, if you are hosting your primary domain with us, we can setup sub-domains for you account. The pricing and features are exactly the same as our exiting hosting plans, the only difference is that you will not need to pay a domain registration fee since you will already own the primary domain.

  7. How long does it take setup a new domain?
    Once you register any new domain(s) and fill out our Web Hosting Order Form, your website(s) should be live within 24-48 hours.

    Transferred domains may take longer to propagate through the internet. Sometimes you'll need to wait for your ISP to clear their DNS server cache for your domain(s) as well as the original host of the domain.

  8. What if I want to have a domain forward to an existing website or directory of a website?
    No problem. We can do that by setting up a domain forwarding account that would automatically redirect a visitor to the site of you choice. You will also be able to setup email forwarding for the forwarding domain that is created.

  9. Does Viet Internet support the new 67 character long domains?
    Yes! Be aware that the new long domains are not compatible with all versions of every browser, so you may want to check compatibility issues first before you register anything.

  10. Can Viet Internet host foreign domains?
    Yes, we can host any recognized top level domain, but you will need to register the domain yourself if it is not one of the top level domains.

    If you are registering a foreign domain, you'll need to update your domain record to reflect the following Viet Internet domain name server (DNS) information:

    Primary DNS:


    Secondary DNS:


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