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A domain name is very important to a business, or personal use. Many people are signing up for domain names everyday, if your domain is available, Viet Internet recommend you register it and reserve it.  Please use the following form to check the availability of a domain name. Please provide a value for a domain name and select one of the extensions, ".com", ".net", ".org" or ".edu". 

Viet Internet can reserve your domain for your business or personal use for only $25.00/year with your address on the frontpage and an underconstruction sign.
www. .
Sample Busisness Page!
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A domain name can be up to 22 characters long excluding the 4 characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.NET, .COM, .ORG, or .EDU).

$25.00 InterNIC Registration fees required

Viet Internet adds an additional $25.00 into hosting packages to covers this fee for you. If you own a domain already, Viet Internet will subtract this fee from the packages.  

*Internic:  Internet headquarter in maintaining and registering Top Level Domains (.NET, .COM, .ORG). The $25 fee for 1 year of maintenance is required and paid to Internic. Viet Internet adds an additional $25.00 into hosting packages to covers this fee for you. Internic and Viet Internet work together to help expedite your domain registration process.  

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