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Frequent Asked Questions

Are there any special conditions for linking to Vietinternet.com for Partners?
Yes there are, but they are very simple. They are as follows:

  1. You MAY NOT send "spam" or "unsolicited commercial email" with our URLs present in the email...PERIOD! You will not be paid if you send traffic directly to our site from spam! Vietinternet.com does not condone or recommend the use of spam.

  2. You may use any of our banners. In addition, we recommend using big, descriptive text links above and below our banners to increase your clicks. If you prefer to use banners that you have created yourself, you are welcome to do so as long as those banners accurately represent Vietinternet.com, its products, and services. Vietinternet.com reserves the right to order its partners to terminate at any time, all use of any banners not provided by this Web site.

  3. You may use any text link as long as it is a proper description of  Vietinternet.com. For example, you may not use a text link saying "Click here for free webhosting!" Vietinternet.com offers quality products and services that are valuable to webmasters. This is what you should be promoting, not gimmicks or freebies. Partners using false or misleading text links can be removed from the Viet Internet Partner program at any time, at the sole discretion of Viet Internet and its agents.

  4. You may not force visitors to our page via any mechanism which acts as an automatic transport, such as "meta refresh" or "forced exit" scripts. You are welcome to use consoles, popups, or any method which displays our banners or text links and allows the visitor to choose to visit Vietinternet.com. This is probably a moot point because  unproductive traffic has no benefit to you - or us. Since you are a partner of Vietinternet.com you only earn commissions on referrals that actually purchase our products and services.

  5. Vietinternet.com reserves the right to terminate webmasters from our Partnership Program at any time and for any reason. If this happens, all earned commissions will be paid to the Partner on the next payment date.

  6. Any Viet Internet Partner found cheating will be terminated immediately without pay. We will also actively pursue any and all legal actions available to recover any amounts previously paid.

  7. Checks will be cut on the 5th of each month for the previous month's commissions earned.

When and how do I get paid?
We pay commissions on the 5th of every month. Commissions from a particular referral are recorded on the date that Vietinternet.com receives payment from the client. For example, if you refer a client to us on January 25th and we receive the first month's payment on February 4th, you will receive your commission for this referral on March 5th since Viet Internet received payment from the client in the February billing cycle.

All checks will come from Viet Internet. We issue checks to the name you enter in the "Check Payable To" field on the join form. For any commissions due less than $50.00 per month, all payment will carry over to the following pay period or until your commissions due equal $50.00 or more.

Is there a minimum number of referrals I must send per month?
No there is not. No matter if you send 1 or 30 referrals in a given month your reseller account will remain active.

How do I sign up?
Visit our join page. Once you apply for our program, your application will be immediately forwarded to a Partnership Representative. You should receive confirmation of your inclusion in the Viet Internet Partnership Program within 24 hours. Note: Viet Internet does not involved in tax, it's your responsibility to file income tax on earning made with Viet Internet Partnership Program. Please fill out our application completely.

How can I check my Viet Internet Partnership account statistics?
Simply go to the account login page and use your username and password to gain access to your
Viet Internet Partnership Statistics. If you are not yet a Partner, take a look at a sample of the statistics page that Partners have access to 24x7. It provides a detailed account of your referral activity and the number of visitors you have sent to Vietinternet.com.

What if I send a visitor that doesn't purchase any of your products and services today, but comes back a month later to purchase  from Vietinternet?
If you send a visitor today that does not decide to sign up for a product or service from Vietinternet.com until a later date, you will still get referral credit and your commission based on their purchase. Visitors are recalled by our system for up to 30 DAYS from the date they first stopped by. For instance, if they check out the site one morning and then come back 30 days later to actually buy a product or service from Vietinternet.com, YOU WILL STILL GET YOUR REFERRAL COMMISSION.

What if I refer a visitor to your Web site and that person decides to place an order over the phone? How do you know I referred them?
Since people often do like to call us and discuss our products and services rather than ordering them over the Internet. As a result, it is difficult to know how or by whom they were referred to us. To explain how we know when you referred them to us, it might be helpful to discuss how we track a visitor from you.

Each Viet Internet Partner has a specific URL that he sends visitors to on Vietinternet.com. This allows us to know which users came from which Viet Internet Partner because your unique partner number is stored in the user's browser. When a user you send decides to order products or services from us online, your reseller number which is stored in the user's browser is passed on to us so that we know to pay you the commission on this sale. If, on the other hand, the user you send comes to our Web site to browse and eventually decides to phone his order to us, we have no way of extracting your partner number from the user's browser (since we are talking to them on the phone). To circumvent this problem, we require all clients who order over the phone to fill out their personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) on our Web site. This forces them to send us your information that is stored in their browser, and we are thus able to credit your account for the commission made on this referral sale.

If you have any additional technical questions about how our system works, please feel free to contact us.

What are the legal Terms & Conditions for becoming a Viet Internet Partner?
Please see our detailed Terms & Conditions page for more information.

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