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Thank you for your interest in our partnership program.  This program is the first of its kind, allowing ANYONE to become a sales partner with VietInternet.com. The best part of this program is that is so simple to enroll and starting making money.


Two ways you can simply make money from Viet Internet:

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The first way is to send us someone you know personally who is looking for a web hosting/designing or advertising. Just have that person fill in your partnership number when he submits his application or calls us on the phone. Your partnership account will be credited instantly.


The second way to start earning commissions is to display one of our banners or text links on your Web site. If someone clicks on that banner or text link and decides to sign up one of our services, you get paid 20% of the first year's fee we collect from your sales referral.   Since we have many services plans you have the potential to make more everyday. For example, if a person signs up for our ONE year web hosting plan at $250/year you earn $50 from the commission.   You have the potential to earn $500 for just 10 referrals! Best of all, if you send more than ten referrals in any one calendar month, your commissions for ALL your referrals for that month increase to 25%. There is absolutely no limit to the number of referrals you can send and no restrictions on the type of services you are paid commissions on. This means you will be paid for any and all referred customers who decide to purchase any of our services. As you can imagine, your commissions can add up quickly.

In order for you to track the number of referrals that you have sent us and to see your current account balance, we offer each Viet Internet Partner the ability to check his or her partnership account in real-time. We have a number of
banners that you can use to promote Vietinternet.com. If you decide to use our banners on your site, we can offer you detailed statistics about how many click-thrus and sales our banners are generating for you.

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