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Vietnamese Population Around The World

Vietnamese Population 
Around The World



Viet Nam 78,000,000
Saigon 6,000,000
Ha Noi 2,500,000
Hai Phong 1,700,000
Los Angeles, Orange County, CA 233,573
San Francisco, San Jose, CA 146,613
Houston, TX 63,924
Dallas, TX 47,090
Washington DC, Virginia 43,709
Toronto, Canada 41,740
Seattle, Olympia, WA  40,001
San Diego, CA 35,504
Boston, MA  31,325
Montreal, Canada 25,335
Philadelphia, PA 24,779
Atlanta, GA 23,996
Sacramento. CA 18,170
Portland, OR 17,799
Vancouver BC, Canada 16,865
Minneapolis, MN 15,905
Chicago, IL 15,894
New Orleans, LA 14,868
Denver, CO 13,885
New York, NY 12,040
Phoenix, AZ 10,176
Calgary, Canada 10.110
Long Beach, CA 10,037
Oklahoma City, OK 9,628
Tampa, FL 9,318
Anaheim, CA 9,228
Austin, TX 8,641
Edmonton, Canada 7,770
Honolulu, HI 7,392
Ottawa, Canada 6,615
Alhambra, CA 6,469
Stockton, CA 6,032
Fountain Valley, CA 5,228
Port Arthur, TX 5,206
Monterey Park, CA 4,379
Total Vietnamese In US 1,122,528

The above data based on US Census 2000 and other sources.



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